Design it, Sculpt it, Animate it

Character Design For Digital Claymation

A course that will teach you to design and create a human character and bringing it to motion in digital environment. By the end of this course you will have your own digital puppet. And you will be able to produce your own video cast, or a simple character animation for social media and etc.

Character Design

Syllables of the course:

First Day:

– Introduction to the course, and the course leaders

– Short introduction “Adobe Character Animator”

– What we will learn in this course

– Short lecture about features and proportions of human face

– Drawing a character (human)

Second Day:

– Introduction to polymer clay

– Sculpting the designed character with polymer clay

Third Day:

– Introduction to “Adobe Character Animator”

– Photography of the sculpture

– Polishing and preparing the photographs in Adobe Photoshop

Fourth Day:

– Start working with “Adobe Character Animator”

– Making the puppet digitally alive

Fifth Day:

 – Recording the voice specifically for the animation with “Adobe Audition”

– Making a short animation with the puppet

What will you have at the end of this course?

  • You own digital puppet.
  • Your 30 sec. ~ 1 min. introduction animation. ( You can use it directly on your Instagram or Facebook account)

At This Course, Students Will:

  • Sketch/draw a human character in our unique style
  • Create a clay sculpture based on the designed character
  • Polish the images of the sculpture for their own animation.
  • Edit their voices for the animation.
  • Make a character based short-animation, about their own character.

This course is divided in 2 parts, first part is to sketch, design and create a physical character with polymer clay and the second part is to transfer this character into a revolutionary new software which will make this character become alive.

We start from a sketch and make a sculpture with polymer clay based on the designed character, then we will import these characters to the software and make a  simple 2D digital claymation, which feels like 3D.

Digital Clay Puppet Design & Animation

Course Requirements

  • Basic Drawing Skills
  • Being familiar with “Adobe Photoshop”
  • A laptop with “Adobe Photoshop CC”, “Adobe Character Animator CC”, “Adobe After Effects CC” , “Adobe Audition CC” and “Adobe Media Encoder CC” installed on it.